Dining at Hiro Sushi

“Hiro is the maestro of raw fish”  – Joanne Kates

Chef Hiro prides himself on  providing you with delicious and inventive food, all made with traditional Japanese accents.

At the sushi bar, house-brewed soy and real wasabi adorn the choicest cuts of fish prepared in Edomae fashion, a traditional style from Tokyo that highlights the interplay of singular ingredients.

Rice is served at precisely the right temperature, with exactly balanced sweetness and acidity. Traditional Japanese ingredients, like yuzu and shiso leaf, are balanced with seasonal Ontario flavours: corn, spring leeks, maple smoke.

From the kitchen, you may find yourself dining on a perfectly braised beef tongue, an aromatic soup, crisp and fresh tempura, or a variety of roasted seafood.

Of course, numerous delicious sakes are available from the chef’s private selection. Asahi on draft is crisp, clean and cold, and also a perfect accompaniment to sushi.

Chef Hiro is always ready to create a unique tasting menu for you based on the best ingredients of the season, on his inspiration, and your appetite! Just order omakase style and he will select a menu just for you.